Multiple national organizations are engaged in ongoing efforts to develop, implement and evaluate prehospital evidence-based guidelines (EBGs). The National Prehospital Evidence-Based Guidelines Strategy developed by the National Association of EMS Physicians (NAEMSP) with the involvement of 57 stakeholder organizations recognized a need to develop sustainable relationships among stakeholders and facilitate collaborative prehospital EBG efforts. The first proposed action of the Strategy was the creation of a Prehospital Guidelines Consortium (PGC) representing national medical and EMS organizations that have an interest in prehospital EBGs and their benefits to patient outcomes.

Consortium Objectives

  1. Promote EMS EBG development research
  2. Promote the development of EMS EBGs
  3. Promote education related to EMS EBGs
  4. Promote implementation of EMS EBGs
  5. Promote standardized evaluation methods for EMS EBGs
  6. Promote funding for EMS EBGs-related projects

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Our #ALS, #PLS and #FirstAid CoSTRs are still open for public comment until February 15th. Head over to and join the discussion! #ilcorcostr

Two new #PLS CoSTRs has been posted for public review and comment. Commenting is possible until February 22nd. Become part of the conversation at! #ilcorcostr

ENA is proud to partner with @EMSGuidelines. They provide relevant clinical and operational evidence-based guidelines to help EMS teams provide better care.

ILCOR draft form of new Paediatric Life Support CoSTR document utilizing experts from Paediatric Life Support Task Force, available for public comment: @Ilcor_org @ERC_resus @Rescudoc @neumar_robert

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