Project Description

The Prehospital Guidelines Consortium is collaborating with the National Registry of EMTs to continually identify current scientific literature to incorporate into certification activities. We seek input from the EMS community on peer-reviewed scientific articles (e.g., research studies, systematic reviews, or narrative review articles) that can assist in improving the knowledge of EMS professionals regarding the most current science in EMS medicine. Submissions will be used to create EMS Research Reading Lists, which are published by the PGC every two years. The next reading list will be published in 2024.

Relevance to clinical care or operations within EMS medicine is requisite, and preference will be given to peer-reviewed literature, including reports of landmark clinical trials, systematic reviews of the literature, and scientific review articles.

The Prehospital Guidelines Consortium is separately engaging in an ongoing systematic review of published prehospital evidence-based guidelines (EBGs) as a related component of this effort. EBG-related publications may also be submitted to supplement the systematic search already in progress.

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